Profile Guidelines

Posted on 2023-09-11 Updated on 2024-03-01

  • Age. You need to be at least 18 years old to join Tveni. Creating a profile that intentionally misrepresents you as being under the age of 18 is not allowed. We reserve the right to ask for your ID to verify your age, and we’ll block you from the platform if you’re underage.
  • Profile Photos. We want your profile to celebrate your authentic self! That’s why we require at least one of your profile photos to depict only you and to clearly show your full face. We do not permit:
  • Profile photos that are heavily distorted or contain exaggerated or unnatural digital effects to the point where it cannot be clearly determined that you’re the person in the photos
  • Any overlaid symbols, icons, frames, or stickers that aren’t from Tveni on your profile photos
  • Memes or photos with only — or primarily — text as a profile photo
  • Profile photos of children on their own

Profile photos with unclothed children

Username. Members are allowed to use initials, abbreviations, contracted or shortened versions of their name, nicknames, full names, and middle names. Members do not have to use their legal name or full name, but usernames should be an authentic representation of the name you use in everyday life. We do not permit:

Any words or phrases that violate our Community Guidelines

Using the name of a celebrity or fictional character

Words or characters (other than a valid name) including descriptive words, symbols (e.g. $, *, @,), emojis, numbers, or punctuation

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