Content and Conduct Guidelines

Posted on 2023-09-11 Updated on 2024-03-01

Adult nudity and sexual activity

We do not allow nude, sexually explicit or sexually vulgar profile content. We also do not allow the commercial exchange of any romantic or sexual activity, content or services, including attempts to sell, advertise or buy adult sexual content.

Abuse and abuse

Our community is for creating good connections. We do not allow content or behavior that makes any individual or group feel harassed, bullied or targeted. This includes belittling, insulting or intimidating; making unsolicited comments about someone's appearance; participating in emotional abuse; blackmail; repeated unwanted contact; or desiring, encouraging or praising violent acts.

Sexual exploitation and abuse of children

We have a zero tolerance policy towards any form of sexual exploitation and abuse of children. We do not allow content that sexualizes or endangers children, real or fictional (eg anime, media, text, illustrations or digital images). This includes any visual depictions or discussions of sexually explicit behavior involving a child. For the purposes of these rules, a child is anyone under the age of 18. It is prohibited to post, store, produce, share or encourage anyone to share material about child sexual abuse, even if the intention is to express outrage or raise awareness about the issue.

Commercial and advertising activity

Our platform is not a marketplace. We do not allow the use of Tveni for unsolicited commercial or promotional purposes.

Controlled goods and substances

We do not allow members to use our platforms to buy, sell, supply, distribute or directly facilitate the purchase, sale, supply or distribution of illegal drugs and/or the abuse of controlled goods and substances. This includes: e-cigarettes, marijuana, drug paraphernalia, or the abuse of legal substances such as prescription drugs, tobacco, or alcohol.

Dangerous organizations and individuals

We do not allow organizations or individuals that proclaim, glorify, condone, or are known to support a violent, dangerous, or terrorist mission to be present on Tveni.

Hate based on identity

Our goal is to nurture a diverse and inclusive community in Tveni. We prohibit content or conduct that promotes or condones hatred, dehumanization, degradation, or contempt against marginalized or minority communities based on the following protected attributes: race/ethnicity, national origin/nationality/immigration status, caste, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation , disability or serious medical condition or religion/belief.

Inauthentic profiles

Tveni celebrates authenticity and we expect all our members to accurately represent themselves on their profile. We do not allow impersonation or impersonation on our platform. This includes catfishing (ie creating an online persona that you are not) or falsely stating facts about yourself (including name, gender, age and permanent location).


We prohibit the sharing of demonstrably false or substantially misleading content that could cause serious harm or adversely affect individual or public safety. This includes content that directly contradicts the information and guidelines of leading and respected global health organizations and public health authorities, false or misleading information about any civil process, and dangerous and unproven conspiracy theories.


We do not allow any type of spam or irrelevant content that is sent in bulk or frequently. This includes sharing links that are misleading or misdirecting, creating too many accounts that cause disruption to other members, or having multiple active profiles on our platform to engage in unwanted interactions.

Promotion of suicide and self-harm

We care deeply about our members and understand that some may struggle with mental health, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, substance use or eating disorders. While we allow members to share personal experiences with these issues in a safe manner, we do not allow any content that depicts, promotes, glorifies, or facilitates activities that could lead to suicide, self-harm, or eating disorders or body images.

Violent and explicit content

We do not allow violent, explicit or gory content. This includes descriptions of violence in usernames or profile content, photographs containing real or realistic blood, bodily fluids or injuries, or images depicting weapons of any kind (except on uniformed police or military personnel).

Physical and sexual violence

We do not tolerate any content, images, or behavior that makes or threatens compelling acts of physical or sexual violence. This includes physical stalking, using our platform to assist, facilitate or support exploitation or human trafficking, and sexual assault of any kind, which we define as unwanted physical contact or attempted physical contact that is sexual in nature.

Fraud and theft

Tveni prohibits any fraud or theft aimed at defrauding or manipulating members of financial or material resources. This includes soliciting or asking for financial support, lying about your intentions for financial gain, or faking romantic intentions to defraud members of financial or material resources.

Sexual harassment

We do not tolerate sexual harassment. We consider sexual harassment to be any non-physical, unwanted and unwanted sexual behavior between members. This includes cyberflashing (ie, sharing unwanted sexually explicit images), indecent live exposure, sharing or threatening to share sexual or intimate images without the consent of the person involved or depicted, sending unwanted sexual comments or images, and fetishization.

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