Posted on 2023-09-11

We understand that sometimes you might want to contact more Tveni users a day, so there are a couple of options that will let you extend your daily contact limit. To increase your limit by more contacts a day, permanently, you can get Verified Status on your Profile Page. If you want to increase your limit further, and chat to even more new p...

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How many credits can I buy?

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Posted on 2023-09-11

You can buy 100, 550, 1250 or 2750 credits at a time.

What are Tveni credits?

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Posted on 2023-09-11

Tveni credits help you get attention, simple as that. With credits you can Rise Up in search results, use our 'Spotlight' service, get more displays in Encounters and more. You can also enable Auto Top-up to make sure you never run out of credits.

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