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Posted on 2023-09-11

If you can't see a particular conversation, it's because the other person has deleted their account or has been blocked for violating our guidelines. Unfortunately, we're unable to provide you with detailed information about a specific user.

Why does no one answer my messages?

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Posted on 2023-09-11

If you are not sure why people aren't getting back to you, it might be due to the content of your message and therefore it may be beneficial to try another approach. Try to be more creative and use something that will catch a user's attention. For example, rather than copying and pasting the same message to everyone you like, read their profi...

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How does video chat work?

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Posted on 2023-09-11

If you want to video chat with another user, simply open the user's profile and click on the video icon in the upper left corner.

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