See who has visited your profile. Shows the date the member found you and how (e.g. People Nearby)

Photo rating

Photos can be rated using a 5 star system and be reported if you deem one or more to be inappropriate.

Liked You

The Liked You section of Tveni shows you members who have liked your profile but you have yet to liked back.

Private Photos

Users can make some photos private and allow only as many people as they want to see them.

Tveni Live

This is a live streaming video feature which allows you to view other members video streams or start a broadcast yourself.

Member Profiles

View all their public profile information. View larger photos by clicking on the photo strip

Premium Membership

Users can unlock more features by becoming a premium member.


When you view the Messages tab you will find a list of members who have either sent you a message, a chat request, or who you have chatted with in the past.


With Tveni you have several different matching and searching options. This main ones are “Encounters” and “People nearby

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