What rules apply to live streams?

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Tveni is the perfect app for everyone who likes meeting people.

With a few simple rules, we want to make it possible for you to freely and creatively express your personality and create a safe and respectful atmosphere. This goes for all our features, including Tveni Live.

The most important thing first: A good live stream is one where you can actually see the streamers. Your face must be clearly visible. Streaming with a mask, a black screen, or showing the ceiling is not desirable or permitted.

This does not belong on Tveni or in your streams:

  • Pornographic content and violence

Videos that hint at or show nudity, sexual and/or pornographic acts as well as violence are not permitted in Tveni Live. This also applies to poses/acts in lingerie, as well as streaming in the shower or bathtub (even if you do not appear naked).

  • Nudity or sexual references involving minors

Videos that feature nudity or sexual acts with minors are prohibited on Tveni.

  • Violation of privacy

Do not show other people in your video without their permission. Please make sure that you do not violating the spatial privacy of others.

  • Threats

Intimidation and blackmail have no place on Tveni and will be punished appropriately.

  • Harassment, bullying, and spam

Do not do anything to intentionally hurt or harass others. If someone is not interested, we ask that you respect this. Misusing a Tveni profile for commercial purposes, i.e. drawing attention to other websites or services, is also not permitted.

  • Fakes

We want our app to be as transparent as possible. This is why you need a profile in which you are clearly visible on Tveni. Please do not upload images of other people, celebrities or organizations as a profile picture.

  • Vulgar choice of words

We do not tolerate words that go below the belt, insulting swear words and racist expressions. It is important to us that the app is used respectfully.

  • Safety first

Streaming while you are driving a vehicle or operating devices or machinery endangers you and others and is thus prohibited.

  • Alcohol and drugs

The consumption of drugs is strictly prohibited! In other words, boozing and drinking games have no place in the stream!

If you observe the violation of these rules by another person, please report the profile to us immediately. If you feel harassed by a Tveni user, you can report this to us at any time and block the person. We will take care of the rest.

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