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What are Tveni credits and what do I get for them?

Tveni credits are an in-app currency that lets you buy Super Powers. These Super Powers include Get Featured, which places you at the top of your local stacks. So daters in your area within your criteria will see you first. Another Super Power is Encounters where you are placed close to the top so you are noticed more often.

You buy Super Powers with credits which you buy with real money.

How do loans work?

By buying a loan, you can attract much more attention. Credit allows you to send gifts, display your image multiple times in the Encounters game, raise your profile in the list of search results, and highlight a photo at the top of almost every page, thus attracting more visits to your profile. You can also activate the auto-recharge option so you never run out of credit! You can set up automatic credit top-ups in your payment settings.

How do I get Tveni credit?

You can buy or earn Tveni credit.

  1. Log into Tveni and select the Credits menu from the right.
  2. Select an amount of credits to buy in the center.
  3. Select a payment method from menu.
  4. Complete payment depending on the payment method.
  5. Check the Credits menu to see your allocated credits.

Once payment has been completed, your Tveni account is then credited with the number of credits you bought.

You can pay using a credit card, PayPal, Paysafe or Bitcoin. Depending on the payment provider, you should see your credits instantly or within a few minutes. Once in your account, you can use them as you see fit.

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